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Silverado Story

The Rhythm of Life. 

Silverado has been manufacturing fine jewelry for the past six years.  Silverado is a high quality beaded range of jewelry with three-dimensional life-like detail, but primarily bracelets and necklaces that are designed and created by you the individual.   

Silverado offers a kaleidoscope of handcrafted  Murano Glass Beads, as well as fine quality 925 Sterling Silver and 14K gold pieces. Certain categories are embedded with precious or semi-precious gemstones and are hand set by qualified craftsmen. With  Silverado’s breadth of women’s, men’s and children’s products, we are able to satisfy every type of customer.   

Silverado invites you to create your own rhythm of life! The Silverado range allows you to build a piece of jewelry that tells your story of desires, memories and special occasions, with a piece for every moment of your life forever.  Our designers’ passion and imagination continue to keep Silverado one of the world  leaders in personalized jewelry design.